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Goodreads helps you follow your favorite authors. Be the first to learn about new releases! Follow Author. You make progress by implementing ideas. Women have always had them; they always have and they always will. Are they going to have good ones or bad ones?

Will the good ones be reserved for the rich, while the poor women go to quacks? Give him some of the action, let him have a taste of power. Anyone who does not play by those rules is incomprehensible to most politicians.

What does any human being want? Take away an accident of pigmentation of a thin layer of our outer skin and there is no difference between me and anyone else. All we want is for that trivial difference to make no difference. What can I say to a man who asks that? All I can do is try to explain to him why he asks the question. You have looked at us for years as different from you that you may never see us really. We have been passive and accommodating through so many years of your insults and delays that you think the way things used to be is normal.

When the good-natured, spiritual-singing boys and girls rise up against the white man and demand to be treated like he is, you are bewildered. All we want is what you want, no less and no more. Chapter And who benefits most? The lawyers. But it is true. Unless we start to fight and defeat the enemies in our own country, poverty and racism, and make our talk of equality and opportunity ring true, we are exposed in the eyes of the world as hypocrites when we talk about making people free - Chapter 9.

We must refuse to accept the old, the traditional roles and stereotypes…We must replace the old, negative thoughts about our femininity with positive thoughts and positive action affirming it, and more.

But we must also remember that we will be breaking with tradition, and so we must prepare ourselves educationally, economically, and psychologically in order that we will be able to accept and bear with the sanctions that society will immediately impose upon us. It is shocking the way they submit to forces they know are wrong and fail to stand up for what they believe.

Can their jobs be so important to them, their pres- tige, their power, their privileges so important that they will cooperate in the degradation of our society just to hang on to those jobs? I am the candidate of the people of America. And my presence before you now symbolizes a new era in American political history. This was true of the black population for many years. They submitted to oppression, and even condoned it. But women are becoming aware, as blacks did, that they can have equal treatment if they will fight for it, and they are starting to organize.

To do it, they have to dare the sanctions that society imposes on anyone who breaks with its traditions. This is hard, and especially hard for women, who are taught not to rebel from infancy, from the time they are first wrapped in pink blankets, the color of their caste.

It is to use youth as scapegoats for the sins of their elders. Is the nation wasting its young men and its honor in an unjust war?These inspirational Shirley Chisholm quotes will give you the courage to always fight for what you believe in.

Shirley Anita Chisholm was an American politician, educator, and author who is best known for becoming the first African-American congresswoman in Chisholm represented the New York State in the U. House of Representatives for seven terms. InChisholm made history again when she ran for the Democratic nomination, becoming the first woman and African American to seek the nomination for president of the United States from one of the two major political parties.

Throughout her tenure in Congress, Chisholm was a champion of minority education and employment opportunities.

In honor of the woman who dared to be a catalyst of change, below is our collection of inspirational, wise, and powerful Shirley Chisholm quotes. Wells quotes on battling racism and sexism. You make progress by implementing ideas. It is a fact. The warmth, gentleness, and compassion that are part of the female stereo- type are positive human values, values that are becoming more and more important as the values of our world begin to shatter and fall from our grasp.

What I hope most is that now there will be others who will feel themselves as capable of running for high political office as any wealthy, good-looking white male.

Listen to the voice inside yourself that says, I CAN. But that is no reason to allow prejudice to continue to be enshrined in our laws to perpetuate injustice through inaction. This cannot be evolution but revolution. What I am interested in is what they do. We can become a dynamic equilibrium, a harmony of many different elements, in which the whole will be greater than all its parts and greater than any society the world has seen before.

It can still happen. All we want is for that trivial difference to make no difference. Anyone who takes that role must pay a price. It gets worse. Humanity is an ocean if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life. It has been conceived as a privilege, available only to those who can afford it.

This is the real reason the American health care system is in such a scandalous state.

shirley chisholm feminist quotes

We want our full share now. Chisholm changed minds and attitudes around the nation.

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She will always be remembered as a fighter for human rights and dignity. Hopefully, the above quotes will inspire you to always fight for what you believe in.

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40 Shirley Chisholm Quotes On Standing Up For Your Beliefs

Related Topics: quotes.FX's Mrs. America tells the story of feminist icon Gloria Steinem —and in contrast, conservative Republican leader Phyllis Schlaflywho was actively working against the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment ERA. But perhaps no one had quite as many historical firsts as Shirley Chisholm, who is depicted in the series by Uzo Aduba. The New York congresswoman, who died inwas the first Black woman to run for the U.

And we see just a small peek at her historic story in the series' third episode, "Shirley. Below, we delve a bit deeper into Chisholm's life, from some of her most memorable quotes to whether or not she, Steinem, and Bella Abzug were at odds in real life, as it's shown in Mrs. Born to West Indian immigrants, the Brooklyn native—a Brooklyn College and Columbia University graduate—was an educator before she was a politician. Chisholm was a nursery school teachereventually working her way up as the director of two daycare centers.

It was in that she was elected congresswoman of the new district in her Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood; that historic campaign birthed her famed slogan "unbought and unbossed," according to the United States House of Representatives. She was the only woman elected in her freshman class and would go on to serve for seven terms. Chisholm made it clear from her earliest days as a congresswoman that she would not stay silent when it came to her beliefs. Her first speech on the House floor was about her disdain for the Vietnam War.

And despite being assigned to the Committee on Agriculture, she publicly announced her dissatisfaction with the appointment and was re-placed to the Veterans' Affairs Committee. To this, she apparently said: "There are a lot more veterans in my district than trees," according to the House website.

The politician was also the first Black woman to serve on the Rules Committee inand was a founding member of both the Congressional Black Caucus and Congressional Women's Caucus. As depicted in Mrs. AmericaChisholm unsuccessfully ran for president inbut as a feminist with unwavering and outspoken stances on civil and women's rights, and support for the working class, her campaign was definitely not one to ignore.

That much was clear from her stirring speech in which she announced her candidacy. The congresswoman was "unbought and unbossed" personified, with buttons of her face decorated with the Venus symbol of the feminist movement and a defiant campaign that pushed on despite the unsupportive male members of the Congressional Black Caucus.

Smithsonian Magazine cites sexism and the disbelief that a woman could win against President Nixon—who was in office at the time—as the reason for their indifference. The House points to her male colleagues feeling betrayed by her campaign stances that they felt advocated for "women, Hispanics, white liberals, and welfare recipients.

To this she reportedly said, "Black male politicians are no different from white male politicians. I've found it out in this campaign if I never knew it before. As portrayed in Mrs. Americaduring her campaign, Chisholm did feel at odds at times with fellow leaders of the feminist movement. Though she co-founded the Congressional Women's Caucus with Rep. Bella Abzug, Gloria Steinem, and others, the series is accurate when showing the tension between Chisholm and Abzug, played by Margo Martindale.

The late Abzug endorsed George McGovern for the presidency instead, which caused "strained relations" between the two women. As for Steinem, in a New York Times letter to the editor she denied that she abandoned Chisholm during her presidential run, calling the notion "hurtful and not true. Chisholm first married private investigator Conrad Q. Chisholm, who she was married to for 28 years before they divorced in Hardwick, Jr. If you want more in-depth information about the famed politician's life, she wrote an autobiography called Unbought and Unbossed in After suffering several strokesChisholm died at the age of 81 in January And forever adding firsts to her resume—even in death—she's currently set to have the first-ever female historic figure to have a monument built for them in Brooklyn.

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Shirley Chisholm Quotes Feminism

The year was Against the backdrop of domestic unrest after eight years of the Vietnam War, the Black Power movement, and second-wave feminism, Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm was making history for the second time.

Determined, despite unlikely odds, Chisholm entered the presidential race seeking the democratic nomination, facing off against rivals George McGovern and George C. She campaigned hard, ardently opposing the Vietnam War and calling to bring the troops back home.

She called for expanding health benefits to domestic workers, ending job and pay discrimination for women and minorities, and providing greater services to the poor. While refusing to be pigeonholed to a subcategory based on her race or gender, Chisholm understood well the barriers she faced precisely because of these factors.

Video by IN Close. While repeatedly questioned for believing that she could be president, Chisholm commanded a certain following among women, college students and minorities. She had already made a name for herself in the American political scene.

Just four years prior to her presidential run, Chisholm had become the first African-American woman to be elected to the U.

Quotes from Leaders of the Feminist Movement

Congress as a member of the House of Representatives. When she was assigned to the less-visible Committee on Agriculture, she protested, arguing that she could be more useful tackling the issues relevant to the constituents in her urban district.

She served in Congress for 14 years. Her presidential run was widely described as merely symbolic, and her name has since largely been relegated to a footnote in the pages of history. And I want to govern. And I want to change the direction of this country. Chisholm was born in Brooklyn to immigrant parents.

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Her mother was from Barbados and her father was from Guyana. Before going into politics, she worked as a nursery school teacher and daycare director. She earned an M. Inshe was elected to the New York State Assembly, where she served for four years until departing to join Congress in She received a total of delegates — not nearly enough to secure the nomination — and her presidential bid was brought to an end.

shirley chisholm feminist quotes

As predicted, Senator McGovern secured the Democratic nomination to run against President Nixon, who went on to win re-election. Chisholm was not the first woman to run for president in the United States.

There had been others, most notably Margaret Chase Smith in and as far back as Victoria Woodhull in Chisholm, like Smith, mounted a significant campaign, competing in the primaries. Chisholm had her name on primary ballots in 12 states.

Inat age 80, she passed away at her home in Ormond Beach, Fla. You can view the original report here. Support Provided By: Learn more. Saturday, Jan The Latest. World Agents for Change.Flo then explains that racism and sexism are intertwined.

It also speaks to what Steinem understood thenas media institutions have only come to understand more recently: how critical it is to ensure that women of color are not sidelined in movements and the way those movements are covered and remembered. The movie follows Steinem through a series of nonlinear moments foundational to her life and work, from her time traveling in India in her 20s to the rise of Ms.

But as depicted in another take on the movement from earlier this year, the FX on Hulu series Mrs. Americathese disagreements often strengthened the movement, and to overlook them is to do a disservice to history. As might be expected from a biopic focused on Steinem, these women play supporting roles and some have rather limited screen time. Viola Davis is reportedly producing and starring in a movie about Chisholm, and documentaries have been made about her as well as Huerta and Mankillerthough most of these women await their own proper biopic treatment.

To expand upon their depictions in the film, TIME spoke to historians and feminist scholars about their legacies.

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Ina working mother named Dorothy Pitman Hughes could not find childcare in her neighborhood on the West side of Manhattan. Beyond offering childcare services, the center offered other resources to further support the community, including job training and housing assistance.

InSteinem interviewed Pitman Hughes for a piece she was writing for New York Magazine and they soon became speaking partners, traveling the country together for five years. At the time when Gloria begins to talk, Dorothy is the much better known activist. While on their speaking tours, Steinem would typically speak first and Pitman Hughes would talk next, according to Lovett.

Following her time on the speaking circuit, Pitman Hughes, who is now in her early 80s, continued to work as a grassroots organizer on issues important to her community. When she moved to Harlem, she saw the need for a copy center, and decided to open one herself.

In doing so, she became an advocate for Black-owned businesses and provided Harlem with a space where political organizers could make fliers. Since the s, labor leader Dolores Huerta has demonstrated the impact of grassroots organizing on civil rights movements. The activist co-founded the National Farm Workers Association with Cesar Chavez—though the press often minimized her role in comparison to his—in an effort to create better working conditions for farmworkers and illuminate the economic injustices they faced.

The boycott would lead her to connecting with Steinem in New York City. Now 90, she continues to be an active part of the labor movement through her work at the Dolores Huerta Foundation, which organizes communities and empowers leaders within them to fight for social justice.

After becoming one of the first Black women to graduate from Columbia Law School, inKennedy opened her own law firm.

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In the years that followed, she went on to represent Billie Holiday, H. Rap Brown and a group of Black Panthers. Byshe created the Media Workshop, which fought racism in advertising. Kennedy eventually pivoted towards political activism and became a staunch advocate for civil rights issues.Inspiring, humorous, wisdom imparting.

Some of the best speeches are delivered in the educational context. Upload your commencement or graduation speech here.

Reel America Preview: Rep. Shirley Chisholm 1972 Campaign

Shirley Chisholm was the first African American woman elected to Congress. She ran for president in and died in Thank you very much. I am very glad to be here this evening. I think it is important that as we look around ourselves in the world today, there are so many complex, complicated problems, and the time has come that somehow we must be able to utilize our creative energies in a positive manner and work together for the amelioration of the human condition.

It matters not whether you are white or black, whether you are male or female, but that if you have special talents and aptitudes and abilities, that these collective talents and abilities should be utilized by all of us in order to try and help make this world a better place in which to live. I am here tonight to speak specifically about women and blacks: a coalition.

I want to begin by reading to you the words of another famous woman of Massachusetts: Abigail Adams, the wife of the second president of the United States of America. In a letter to her husband at the Continental Congress back in the 18th century, she counseled the future president of the United States, and this is what she said thusly.

She said:. Do not put such unlimited power into the hands of husbands. Remember that all men would be tyrants if they could. Remember this is not a modern-day feminist talking, ladies and gentleman. This is dear old Abigail from the 18th century. More than years after her quill pen scratched those words on the paper, this land, this society, and this economy are still dominated by husbands and by some tyrants who are determined to rule consistently and persistently.

And not only are women still struggling under the weight of some of this tyranny, but blacks and other minorities in this nation also still know that true equality only as an ideal and a concept, not as an everyday reality.

We women, we blacks have rebelled. We have struggled and we have made progress towards realizing the egalitarian promises proclaimed in our country's founding documents, and even earlier than the Civil Rights movement and even before the feminist movement, blacks and women in this country had been marching and boycotting and lobbying and pamphleting for the basic rights of citizenship.

shirley chisholm feminist quotes

So one could understand how it is that blacks and women are still struggling to gain equitability of opportunity across the board in jobs, in education, and in training. There is no particular test as yet that indicates that men has a superiority of gray cranial matter over women. There are stupid men and there are stupid women.

There are brilliant men and there are brilliant women. And our country needs the collective talents of the genus Homo sapiens who have talent, of whom some are men and some are women, in order to be able to better the conditions for all of us. We blacks and we women, we did, over time, bring some important concessions from the males in power. Through the years we have risen from the horizontal closer to the vertical, but we women and we blacks did it separately. We did it as blacks or we did it as women.

We each fought our own battles because we did not see or we could not see or we would not see that it was all the same battle for freedom and equality of opportunities.

We have been marching down different sides of the same street that are not to recognize it, but maybe finally we are coming together and we are marching down, hopefully, the middle of the street. On Saturday August 27, we walked together down an important street.

That street was Constitution Avenue in Washington D. We marched together as a new coalition of conscience not only to remember the historic gatherings of 20 years ago but also, and more importantly, to unite behind the causes key to our future as a nation and our future as a planet peopled in peace by a diversity of human beings.

The United States of America is a multifaceted, variegated nation. So they came because the words at the foot of the Statue of Liberty beckoned to them and gave them the feeling and idea that you have come to a haven. But black people also came, but black people came for predestined roles in America. The words at the foot of the Statue of Liberty did not have the same meanings for black people because they came to perform certain backbreaking slave labor on the cotton fields, on the tobacco fields of Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Arkansas in order to help develop this country in such a way that their labor, their sweat, their blood helped to make this country the great mercantile and financial center that it is today.The Women's March commemorates days of resistance, and as the past year of resistance has shown us, no march is complete without a clever sign to match.

One of the best ways to come up with an eye-catching Women's March sign is to quote the Black feminists who paved the way for us in regards to political representation, educational attainment, and much more. These 26 quotes from Black feminists who have worked hard on the behalf of all women will leave you inspired and energized for the next year of resistance.

Read the quotes below and take them to heart. They can serve as inspiration and guidance as you participate in the Women's March and throughout your daily life. Women like Shirley Chisholm, Maya Angelou, Angela Davis, and Assata Shakur are full of wisdom; their words are just as poignant and needed in as the day they first said them. Speaking out and using your voice to uplift others is a powerful, revolutionary act.

Who knows? Maybe 50 years from now a young woman will be inspired to write your words on a protest sign. Wells, journalist and suffragist. You have some pretty awesome quotes to choose from. Now all you need to do is make the sign to make your voice heard.

By Katie Mitchell. I am changing the things I cannot accept. Your life belongs to you and you alone. Take it up. It's yours. This is your life. This is your world. Wells, journalist and suffragist You have some pretty awesome quotes to choose from.


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